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Orphan Sponsorship

We take pride in running one of the best orphan care programs. It does not take much to change a life forever.

$570 Yearly Sponsorship
$50 Monthly Sponsorship

PayPal One-Off Yearly Payment

If you want to sponsor more than one children then please select the number for the dropdown.

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Bread & Beyond


Sadaqah Removes Evil, Disasters, Sickness And Unfortunate Incidences!

Your Sadaqah will provide food to those families who struggle to have proper meals in their daily lives.

$22 Monthly Groceries Pack
$40 Monthly Groceries Pack
$30 Monthly Sadaqah : Keep Away Calamities

Student Scholarships

These need based scholarships are awarded to those students who cannot afford educaational expense.

$18 – Basic Education Scholarship
$32 – Higher Education Scholarship

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